South America – Campsites

See the end of this post for a downloadable version of our campsites, and some further information. You can click on each campsite symbol in the map for a picture of the campsite.

As the above map is rather cluttered, here is the route we took…


Argentina and Chile both have extensive networks of National Parks, provincial parks, and municipal campsites. We would recommend purchasing the South America map from Garmin; the map contains a wealth of information on campgrounds in these two countries.

Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru? Few, if any, campgrounds, and the Garmin map really doesn’t provide any coverage. Again, see Resources and Links for on OpenStreetMaps. We used numerous blogs from other overlanders, see Resources and Links, to find campsites, but as we got more comfortable, we relied on the blogs less and less.

Overland / RV Campsite Listing for South America

If your want a printable listing of our campsite, including GPS coordinates, click here

WordPress, which hosts our blog, limits the kind of files we can upload, thus our campsites are in a pdf format. If you want to get our campsites onto your GPS, here is a way of doing so:

  1. Copy and paste our campsite listing into a spreadsheet
  2. Export the spreadsheet into a .csv, comma separated variable, file
  3. Use GPSBabel to convert the .csv file in a Garmin .gpx file. GPSBabel is free and pretty cool.
  4. Copy the .gpx file over to your Garmin

Overland Campsite Listing for South America, Google Earth

For those who wish to geek out a little further, you can also view our campsites and route in Google Earth. Pretty amazing, at least for us, to be able to swoop down and view any and all places where we have camped. As the version of WordPress that we are using does not allow us to embed Google Earth directly, do the following:

  1. Click on the “View Larger Map” which appears immediately beneath the top map
  2. Google Maps will open up
  3. Click on the KML which appears below the title of the map
  4. Save the file to your desktop (or similar…)
  5. Open Google Earth, GE
  6. in GE, from the top menu, select File and then Open
  7. Open the file you just saved
  8. Have fun

3 thoughts on “South America – Campsites

  1. Would you recommend the route through the Chaco to Bolivia? We have decided to go to Foz do Iguacu but from then on we haven’t decided whether we will drive to Bolivia through Paraguay or drive north in Brazil and cross over via Mato Grosso do Sul, I also noticed that you skipped the northern part of Bolivia, is La Paz not worth a detour? Thanks so much for your reply if convenient!


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