The title of our blog should tell the whole story, but here’s some additional background…

In the summer of 2005 I, Henrik, had lunch with a business colleague, let’s call him Steve. Steve had a similar background to mine – Boulder, high tech, venture capital, CEO – but was in his late 60’s. Over lunch we spoke of many things, but at some point the subject of travel came up.

Steve and his wife had taken a year off to travel the world when he was 65, “without a doubt the best thing I/we have ever done…”. And then came the statement which resonated deeply within me: “I only wish we would have done it sooner. When we had more energy”.

That evening I came home and told Karen, this may have been after a bourbon or two: “We are taking a year off, starting summer of 2010”.

We bounced the idea around and agreed that we both wanted to travel, and that 2010 sounded like the right time; our last child would be leaving the house for college, I would turning 50, Karen and I would have been married for 10 years, and 5 years seemed like the right time to position the company for a major exit.

As it turned out, 2010 turned into 2011, and the company still has things to accomplish before an exit, but the rest of the reasons stayed true.

While Karen and I have good friends and a great life in Boulder, and jobs that we truly loved, life really is too short not to go on an Adventure. Hopefully we won’t lose any of our friends, and while great jobs are hard to find they will certainly be there (or somewhere) a year from now. Wish us well.


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