Routes and Campsites

In Mexico, the “Bible” is the Church book: Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping, which is a great, great guide – well researched and full of useful information. Well worth the price. Most of the time we stayed at campsites that are in the book, but a few times we didn’t. For those who are contemplating a trip, or want to explore where we went, the Mexico page contains our route and campsites.

In the US, finding campsites for an RV / Overland vehicle is easy: any map program provides plenty of info. We mainly used Google Maps and the reviews that it provide, together with reviews from Tripadvisor. [ Map will appear eventually…]

In South America, good information on RV / Overland campsites can be difficult to come by. Argentina and Chile both have an extensive network of campsites – in Argentina virtually every city has a municipal campground – but in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru, campsites are almost non-existent. Here we relied on a few blogs, see the Resources and Links page, and improvising. Hopefully our route and campsites map will be useful to others (as well as bring back great memories to us…)


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