To make sure that everything worked, that Karen and I would be able to live in the camper (and with each other…), and that we had the right equipment, we took a one month commissioning trip to Canada, specifically the Jasper / Banff National Parks. We wanted to make sure that all of the camper equipment worked properly, that the weight was OK, and generate a punch-list of things we needed to fix before heading to South America.

Overall, the camper and the truck worked beautifully. The camper is comfortable, and fairly roomy, once we were used to the limited space. Once we had selected a pop-up camper, we had added the criteria that the camper had to be useful with the top down, useful meaning we had to be able to make and eat lunch with the top down, and worst case be able to sleep in the camper with the top down.

Anyone who has spent serious time in a sail boat, or camping, knows how the small details can drive you crazy. These details may seem immaterial when you’re sitting at home, in a comfortable chair, in front of the fire, reading a book, with a bourbon in your hand, while the wife cooks dinner in the well-equipped kitchen, but they can cause divorce after being cooped up for four days in 30 square feet of living space.

In order to avoid the D word, we made the following additions to the camper:

Silverware holders

Magnetic knife holder

Paper-towel holder

Be real careful with placing the paper-towel holder, as the roof folds down, the holder has to come down into the sink. Which HAS to be empty…

Cork bulletin board

Spice bin, velcro'd in place

Drawer pulls

 Installing drawer pulls, or paper-towel holders at a camp site in the midst of a National Forest was also a good test of the tools we had brought along. (At some point we’ll list the stuff we brought).

 After a wonderful trip to Canada, we had a punch-list of a dozen things for the folks at Outfitter. Due to a scheduling issue with shipping our truck to Argentina, we had very limited time for Outfitter to address the issues. Bob Ward and his team did a great job and addressed all of our issues quickly and completely. Well done!


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