Resources and Links

Dec 7th: this page serves as our list of resources and links, it will be changing as we go along…


Americas Overland, The Driving Handbook,
Well worth the price.
Not quite our way of traveling, it’s mainly directed at backpackers, but worthwhile information and observations.
Again, not really what we are aiming for, and one too many ads, but the idea, or ideal?, that you can live simply while seeing the world, has great appeal.

Blogs we read to prepare
Excellent blog. And they are currently in South America. And they have an Outfitter camper.
Great overland traveling blog. These guys have been overlanding for 10 years!
A (mainly) British group of overland travelers. Amazing.

Blogs from folks we’ve met
The blog of Carsten and Betti, who we met in Esteros del Ibera.
Franz Zondervan, who we also met in Esteros del Ibera
A french family traveling with their 11 and 7 year old sons. Met them in La Paz.
A Swiss couple who have been on the road since 2007. Check out their vehicle; wow! Met them in La Paz.

The ultimate guide to selecting / designing an overland vehicle.


Great blog and huge amount of detailed info, with gps points, for campsites
Another great blog with details, and gps info, for campsites
Serious travelers…  They provide good campsite listings, and links to other good camp site listings

A website that will extract maps, of any size, from the OpenStreetMap database. Trying it out for Bolivia and Peru


One thought on “Resources and Links

  1. Just getting signed up…we’re recovering from skydiving yesterday – jumped from 12,500 feet above Longmont (17,500 above MSL), SCARY!!! So we signed up to do it again. Crazy. Love your blog.

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