Traveling with Girlie

As some of you may know, we acquired the world’s cutest and smartest puppy a few months ago – Girlie. Karen and I were presenting at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ, so time had come for Girlie’s first camping trip. And incidentally, a lengthy field trial of ufyt Systems’  dog bed option, in total we spent 35 hrs, driving 1,740 miles, with Girlie in her bed.


On our way down to Flagstaff, we camped at the Colorado National Monument and Canyonlands National Park, and drove through Monument Valley on our way to Flagstaff. On the way back, we visited Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon National Park, and camped at a little gem, the Highline State Park outside of Fruita. We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country, and be so close to incredible National Parks.

Girlie did quite well for her first trip, with some exceptions. As we wrote about in a previous post, Karen and I started a company, ufyt Systems, to develop and manufacture in-cab storage for pickup trucks – specifically well suited for truck campers.


Our normal ufyt Systems setup

One of the handy things about ufyt, is that it is modular, ie you can build the system that works for you. So for this trip, we replaced the two top boxes in the picture above with the ufyt dog bed (takes less than 10 minutes to do).

Girlie modeling the ufyt dog bed

Girlie modeling the ufyt dog bed

The bed fit her well, and she immediately got comfortable and snoozed most of the time we were driving, though from time to time she would pop up and say Hi. And she loved the campgrounds. What dog wouldn’t? Plenty of new stuff to explore, dirt to roll in, cow patties to eat…

An experienced camper

An experienced camper

The one exception to Girlie’s great camping behavior was when she was attacked by an atlas, or at least that’s her story. Karen and I were having lunch on our way back and left Girlie in the truck snoozing in her bed. When we returned, the truck was full of confetti, the remains of a 62-page DeLorme topo atlas of Utah…

Girlie chiiling in her bed

Girlie chilling, upside down,  in her bed

Bringing Girlie along does limit what we can do, National Parks do not allow dogs on the trails. Ah well, National Forests and State Parks, here we come. Girlie also takes up space in the camper, really not that much, but there isn’t much space to begin with, and she requires that we stop every two hours or so for a water and potty break. All in all, worth the trade-offs.

K & H & G

K & H & G

( And to our children – come camping with us, and you too may get a blog post ).



2 thoughts on “Traveling with Girlie

  1. Bad atlas! bad, bad atlas! And a lot of your friends might require that two hour break, come to think of it. Love that last photo, guys, truly do. So when does Girlie get to put stickers all over her slice of the ufyt?

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