Yet Another Phase Starts…

We spent 5 weeks in Colorado – celebrating Christmas with (some) of our kids, visiting with friends, re-joining our book club (10 year anniversary!), before deciding it was time for one more traveling stint before we settle down. This time, it will be Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala; roughly 3.5 months.

In preparation for leaving, we read through some of the travel information provided buy the US State Department regarding Mexico. Scary stuff: “defer all non-essential travel”, “gun battles in broad daylight”; but virtually all of the danger is associated with drug trafficking. We figure as long as we use common sense, (and keep Karen off her drugs…) the risks should be minimal. Btw, there is some scary information regarding the countries we traveled through in S America as well.

We were out of practice when it came to border crossings, and nervousness was present when we arrived at the border in Nogales. But, as usual, there were no issues and in less than 30 minutes we had passed through immigration and received our temporary importation paperwork for the Casa.

Camped on the beach in Bahia de Kinp

Camped on the beach in Bahia de Kino

Not too bad for US $8 / night

Not too bad for US $8 / night

Our first stop was Bahia de Kino, on the Pacific coast, 390 km from the border, and the Islandia RV park. We will stay here for a couple of days to aclimatize to Mexico and get comfortable in the Casa. So far, a good choice.


Evening view from the Casa

Bahia de Kino has a large population, comparatively, of US and Canadian snowbirds. And why not? The weather is great, it’s a quick drive from the US, the village itself is cute with many restaurants. And the price can’t be beat: for less than $2,000, you can park your trailer year-round. And the price includes utilities and (a somewhat spotty) wifi.

Some US snowbirds

Some US snowbirds

And, in our case, the price of our camp site also included new friends, plenty of beer, plenty of tequila, and some very tasty shrimp…


7 thoughts on “Yet Another Phase Starts…

  1. noticing the hoisted bevvies…and don’t think I’m not noticing you snuck out of here in the middle of the night! ok, i’m jealous. but this time you’re coming back, you have books to review 🙂 Wandering aimlessly or do you have an itinerary? – marce

    • Marcy, yes, back to hoisting bevs – story of my life… Re itinerary, not really. Very soft plan is to spend a few days on beaches heading south, then inland to the Copper Canyon, then the famous Monarch butterfly preserve, then the Yucatan peninsula, followed by Belize and Guatemala. We shall see… Henrik

  2. Bien venidos, amigos–if you get as far as Costa Rica, be sure to visit the Oso Negro peninsula for sea and shore wildlife. Guaymas, I understand, now has big hotels where some friends and I used to camp in coconut groves, and Mazatlan has grown from a sleepy village into a city. Iztapa, I’ve been told, still has its charm–especially some of the smaller fishing villages nearby. Buena suerte–

    • Rex, yes, Guaymas and Mazatlan have gone condo. Not sure if we will get to Costa Rica, but then our plans have changed many a time. Thanks for the tip on Iztapa, it lies on the route that we think we will be taking back from Guatemala. Cheers, Henrik

  3. I took my kids to Bahia de Kino when they were young teens with a bunch of similarly divorced young moms and their kids. We had a blast. I remember the guy we bought fresh shrimp from nearly every night. Enjoy!

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