Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us About This?

I have been to every state in the US except for Alaska; Karen has been to all states except for Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii. But somehow neither of us knew how gorgeous parts of the south-east are. Wow! The beaches, the cities – amazing!

Let me first take a step back. We received the camper in Jacksonville, FL, and after two days of clean-up and re-stocking, we headed north. For the next couple of weeks, our plan is to follow the coastline of the US up to Norfolk, VA, then swing in-land to Washington, DC.

Our first stop after Jacksonville was Jekyll Island, GA, (the website does a terrible job of showing how pretty the island is…). Up until 1946, Jekyll Island was a private reserve, owned by 50 of the richest families in the US – Vanderbilts, Morgans, Rockefellers, Pulitzers – until purchased by GA to become a state park. The island is just beautiful. Gorgeous beaches, interesting homes and history, a bike path that tunnels through the lives oaks and spanish moss and circles the island. Miles and

Early morning on Jekyll Island.

miles of beaches with warm water, and few people. Gorgeous; it you have a chance: visit.

The Jekyll Island bike path.

And then it gets better. Our next stop was Savannah; one of the prettiest, most gracious towns I have been to. (Karen was carrying the camera, and I will totally blame her for lack of pictures…).

And it continues. We then went to Edisto Island (another bad website, btw…) outside of Charleston, SC. The campground was 100 ft from the beach, and what a beach: miles of sand interspersed with sea shells at the high tide line; warm water, body surfing waves; few bugs, and fewer people. For the Swedes, I would say that Edisto is like Falsterbo, but the beach is much longer.

Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach in the morning.

And the seafood was delicious.

Karen “Gump” prepping the shrimp in the Casa

The Casa parked just on the other side of the dunes from the beach

The next day we headed to Charleston to walk the city, and visit some of the plantations surrounding the town. Downtown Charleston is beautiful – tranquil and walkable – and seems to straddle the last two hundred years comfortably. This could be a great place to live

Downtown Charleston

Pretty iron-works

Drayton Hall plantation

What a great start to phase II.


3 thoughts on “Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us About This?

  1. Phase Deux seems so awesome. Glad to see you smiling and, ummm, Karen may take few images but her photos are of exceptional quality!

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