Last Week in S America

At least it’s the last week for me, Henrik, Karen will be staying through the end of October in Sucre. I’m going to miss S America. What a grand, beautiful, place! But, we will be back.

A few observations and pictures from last week:

In the love / frustration part: Parque Nacional Copo in Argentina. Looking at the map, PN Copo lies in the middle of nowhere.

The yellow pin is PN Copo

Zooming in:

Note the scale in the lower left corner. And note there is really nothing close.

PN Copo was in good spot for a day’s drive, and, depending on the park, I had enough time to spend an afternoon plus morning there, or spend a day and a half. And it really is in the middle of nowhere, at the end of a 24 km single-track dirt road.

Frustrating: I get there and the park is closed! The gates are locked and no-one is home.

All by myself…

Love: how often can you say: “I was the only, literally the only, person at a national park”. And the stars that evening were the best I have seen since I was 10 (?) years old, and our family went to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Leaving PN Copo the next morning.

After PN Copo, I went to Paso de la Patria to fish for Dorado, the S American kind, known as the hardest fighting salmonoid fish.  P de la Patria is famous in Argentina for Dorado fishing, and is a cute little beach / resort sort of town. In two weeks, Patria is hosting its annual Dorado festival; supposedly the river will be covered by boats.

Dorado from Paso de la Patria (not my pic unfortunately…)

As I was enjoying a beverage in the evening at the hotel where I was staying in the parking lot, the fisherman returned. One of them was carrying a 22 lb Dorado. Gorgeous fish.

This is my pic – terrible, I know – but the Dorado is 22 lbs!

The next day, the only Dorado I saw tore off the metal part of my guide’s leader, then jumped out of the water 200 ft away and taunted me! Ah well.

No Dorado, but a beautiful sunrise over the river Parana. Not bad for a blackberry pic…

The lat stop was Zarate to prep the Casa for its shipment home, and then drop it off at the shipping line. And, in a nice bookend, I stayed at the same campground where Karen and I first stayed in S America.

My last (and our first) campground in S America. A glass of wine is on the table, and the Argentina map is being updated for the last time.

What a great trip it’s been so far! And the Adventure continues…


4 thoughts on “Last Week in S America

  1. mixed blessings. And yet, at the very end, not a mixed drink. We shall welcome you back, Henrik, and we shall look forward to The Continuing Saga of Karen. Hugs.

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