Morado K’asa

On Monday, Karen and I drove to Morado K’asa, a tiny community roughly two hours away from Sucre. We were helping Carl, a Biblioworks volunteer, to deliver furniture and a computer to the Biblioworks library located there. In addition to being a furniture mover, Carl also teaches English at the library in Morado K’asa two days a week.

Carl’s original plan was to take the regular bus to Morado K’asa – bringing along two tables, 8 chairs, a computer monitor, and a printer. I’m sure he would have managed this somehow, he’s a resourceful guy, but we took pity on him and volunteered to bring the stuff in the Casa. Plus, I had not been to Morado K’asa and wanted to see what the library looked like.

Morado K’asa is the location for the original Biblioworks library – click on the link, it’s worth reading the story behind both the library and Biblioworks. Morado K’asa is also the poorest community in which Biblioworks has a library.

The library

Carl (the Biblioworks volunteer), Sr Professor – the 4th grade teacher, and some of the 4th graders in the library.

To try and put “poorest community” in context, below are a few photos. Yes, most of the houses are abode / mud-brick, various animals walk the streets, and it would be fair to qualify the life style as subsistence farming. But at the same time, no one is starving: food seems plentiful and healthy, could perhaps use more variation. For the foodies amongst our blog fans – that’s you Mignon – the food is certainly local. As an example, the lunch we ate at Dona Justina’s “hostel” all came from within 30 feet: spinach, eggs, rice, onions, potatoes. The kids wear decent clothing, there is an elementary school in town – fourth grade has 8 kids…

Secondary school is in a small town 2 km away, as is the closest doctor and dentist. But Morado K’asa has electricity, running potable water, and the hostel has somewhat of a normal toilet – you just have to pour the water in yourself to flush it; no shower though. And the closest internet is an hour away by bus.

Main street – cobblestoned.

Knocking at the door of the librarian’s house – humans and pigs…

Walking, with some of the kids, to the library

View over town; the school is the building up on the hill.

View out over the valley. The location is very pretty.

Let me make a pitch for Biblioworks here: if you are interested in doing good in Bolivia; if you want to immerse yourself in one part of the real Bolivia; if you want to make an real impact on some kids, and adults, who otherwise have limited opportunities, then volunteering in Morado K’asa might be for you.

One last pig picture; there really are a lot of them in town.


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