Auto racing, Bolivia style

Start – finish line.

The day after we got to Sucre, there was a rally race, parts of which ran through the town of Sucre. Now, I love car racing, and it’s a rare treat to see car racing up close. But at times, this car racing was too close…

The cars come screaming up the narrow streets…

The race is a rally race, 40% takes place on the paved roads inside of Sucre, and the remaining 60% takes place on the dirt roads outside. The inside Sucre parts take place on the regular streets, with very minimal, if any, safety measures in place for the fans. hard to judge from the picture above, but the cars are probably doing 80 – 100 mph along this street, and the only protection the viewers have is a piece of yellow tape.

The race cars come by

The the spectators are allowed to cross the street (quickly…)

While the race is dangerous for the spectators, it must be even more so for the drivers: any mistake on the narrow roads of the city will lead to a very, very hard stop. (Unfortunately, a motorcycle racer was killed during Saturday’s race). Reminded me somewhat of the Isle on Man TT race. (There is a great book – Riding Man, author Mark Gardner, about a man who takes a year off to dedicate his life to running the TT. If you ride a bike you will love it, if you don’t, you will highly enjoy it).

The folk fest surrounding the race was a blast: cheering the cars on as they came screaming down the streets, swarms of people surrounding the cars as the finished the race and entered the paddock area (the main square in Sucre), food stands, etc., etc.

The cars on display in the paddock area

The race commentators; national TV

Race car entering the paddock area after completing the course

The race is a folk fest

Although not everyone enjoyed the race…


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