Gotta love the camper as well

In a previous post on truck love, I may have short-changed our Outfitter camper; it garners a great deal of attention – especially the pop-up nature of the camper.

As an example of camper love, we were driving from Cachi to Salta, both Argentina – btw a gorgeous road – when we stopped for a cup of coffee.

Sign along the road to Salta. Where were these road signs in Bolivia? And no, the road wasn’t bad at all.

The road is quite sinuoso…

As we were enjoying the coffee and the scenery, a gentleman, Carlos, walked up to us with a huge smile on his face. With enthusiasm he proclaimed that a camper / truck combo such as ours was his dream. And the fact that we showed up at the same “hotel” cafe where they were staying – he is an author writing about the region – was a sign that the time had come to buy one.

Carlos and his wife Marcela were a lovely couple and quickly invited us to dinner at their house in Salta; unfortunately by the time they would be back in town, we would already be in Bolivia. But we had a great chat about the camper and the truck, and hopefully we inspired them to pursue their dream…

Marcela inspecting the vents and solar panels on top of the Casa.

H, Marcela, Carlos, and the Casa.


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