Our electronic meltdown

Our regular readers may notice that our posts have been lacking lately, and that they will be far between in the weeks as well. The reason: it´s been a bad couple of weeks for electronics.

Karen has the issues that while her laptop “works”, her laptop display doesn´t. In addition her iPod srambled its brains, although it appears to have mainly somewhat recovered.

My beloved laptop´s hard disk crashed, after 5 years and 400,000 miles in the air. While this was highly annoying, it was further compounded by the laptop being stolen 3 days later. The laptop was in a small daypack – we had been taken it to repair shops – inside our locked truck. Someone smashed the rear driver´s side  window and stole the daypack. This is the first issue we have had with theft in more than six months, not complaining too much, but there are a few things that I would have liked to recover from that drive. Ah well.

In parallel, I have been having serious issues with T-mobile regarding email and data in foreign countries on my blackberry, at times shutting down my email access.

So, at time we have been 0 for 4 on electronics. But, we will get it figured out soon…

Orca hunting at the beach of Punta Norte (sorry to say it´s not out pic...)

Yesterday and today we spent at Punta Norte on the Peninsula Valdez in Argentina. This is one of the few places in the world where Orcas literally come up on the beach to grab sea-lions. The picture above is what we were hoping to see, but despite our best wishes, no Orcas, plenty of sea-lions, elephant seals, and penguins though.


2 thoughts on “Our electronic meltdown

  1. bummer dudes! We miss you tremendously, but you are NOT missing an epic ski season…so count your blessings 😉
    Happy March!

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