We were driving from one campground to the next inside the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, when we suddenly came upon a condorpalooza: in the air, low over the ground, there were roughly 75 condors.For whatever reason – the wind coming from the right direction, and having the correct strength – a mass of condors were passing right over the road; right over our heads.


We pulled to the side, parked, and spent the next 30 minutes just watching condors. Karen, ever the bird watcher/lover, said: “this may be the coolest thing we’ve seen so far!”

And more condors.

These huge birds were hovering effortlessly, slowly, slowly making progress into the wind, no more than 20m up when they crossed the road. From a distance they looked like the fake swarms of aircraft in the movies Battle of Britain, or Tora, Tora, Tora.

And more condors...

After we had been there for 10 minutes, a truck with four park rangers pulled up; they all got out, delight on their faces, and started taking pictures as well.

Up to 3m!! in wingspan.

Wish we would have had one of our professional photographer friends on hand.

In a plethora of riches, there were guanacos grazing at the side of the road as well. But, the condors were the show.


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