One of our prettier hikes. Ever.

Parque National Los Glaciares is a famous national park in Argentina; it’s best known perhaps for the Perito Moreno glaciar which is located close to the southern entrance to the park. However, the northern entrance to the park has some of the most stunning scenery we have seen anywhere.

The town of El Chalten lies at the northern entrance to the park.

The town of El Chalten. FitzRoy is the big peak on the right; Cerro Torres are on the left.

The town has a permanent population of 600, but to give some perspective on how empty Patagonia really is, El Chalten is the largest town within a 200 km or so radius.

The road is is long and fairly boring for quite some time. We saw a lot of Guanacos, a cousin of the llama, but not much else.

Guanacos along the road.

But as we got closer to El Chalten, the views are spectacular.

The road into El Chalten, Mount FitzRoy is the tall peak.


In the town itself, even the campground was gorgeous.

The Casa.

Although it was cold: at 8.00 in the morning, it was 2C (36 F). Thank goodness for our down comforter, and our beloved thermostat. While the thermostat itself is a piece of crap, there are few things more pleasant than to get up in a very, very cold camper, and crank on the heat…

We took a brief hike our first day in town, and on our second day we hiked the Sendero Lago Torres, probably the most popular trail in the park, and for good reason.

Even the sign is pretty.

One hour into the hike – which is about 2.5 – 3 hours each way, the views of the Cerro Torres open up.

The peak we are going to ascend. Not.

And for the next two hours, the views just get better.

Just gorgeous.

Until we reached our lunch place.

One of the prettiest lunch locations we've ever had.

6 hours. 22 kms. Beautiful.


3 thoughts on “One of our prettier hikes. Ever.

  1. Brings back great memories. Susan and I did that hike, along with quite a few others, out of El Chalten when we were there. The trail to Mt Fitzroy is equally as spectacular.

    jim & susan

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