Octoberfest. In November. In Paraguay…

It’s been a while since out last blog posting, blame this on sketchy internet access, and very high temperatures.

After driving down the road less paved, we arrived at Indepedencia, a town, actually a colony, founded by German soldiers after World War I. The town/area is still German dominated: we stayed at a campground / resort owned by  a German, we ate at a restaurant owned by another German, the local school teaches in German up to 6th (?) grade, the check out lady at the supermercado is a German speaker, and, most importantly, Independencia organizes an Octoberfest every year.

We’re in Paraguay; it’s November; how could we resist going to Octoberfest?

The one acknowledgement that we're in Paraguay, not Germany

Octoberfest is held at the Deutsche Sportsverein of Independencia, the German sports club, and attracts up to 10,000 people; the town itself has about 1,500. This would be the 34th Octoberfest.

Deutsche Sportsverien Independencia

In Independencia and a large part of its surroundings, Octoberfest is a big deal. And we noticed this at the campground where we were staying. Up until the Saturday of Octoberfest, we had been the only guests there, whether in the hotel, or on the campground. But on Sartuday, the “yoots”, (from the movie My Cousin Vinnie), started to gather on the campground.

Karen and I left for Octoberfest early, around 6.30, at which time the yoots where rather quietly setting up their tents and hanging out.

Almost like Munchen

Unfortunately for the organizers, it was raining fairly steadily, but by the time we left, 10’ish, the rain had stopped and there was a steady procession of cars arriving for the fest.

We were woken up at 6.00 am the next morning by the yoots returning from the fest. Seriously loud soca music, and dancing on the lawn. That’s why they’re yoots.

We left Independencia with two beer steins, and a certain wonder that German culture was still so pervasive in this small town, almost 100 years after its foundation.


One thought on “Octoberfest. In November. In Paraguay…

  1. I love that picture, you two are so cute. It is November and we would normally be meeting up in the next week or so, it is making me miss you lots!

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