La clase de espanol

Since I mentioned that we are taking spanish classes below at IBL, I thought I would share a photo of me and my classmates:


Here’s a photo from our last day with our week 2 profesora, Violeta:

A wonderful group of people and it’s been fun getting to know them and learning (some) spanish together! The group included Nadine and Magdalena, two amazing young philanthropists from Germany and Austria; Nyal, an adorable 17-year old Urdu speaking, futbol playing American/Pakistani; Butros, a Lebanese-born, Portuguese speaking priest; Amanda, an intrepid fellow American who is traveling around South America on her own; and…me.


One thought on “La clase de espanol

  1. Salió bien la foto! 🙂

    “learning (some) spanish –> learning a lot of spanish! jaja

    Bueno karen, les deseo un muy buen viaje a Henrik y a vos.
    Fue un gusto conocerlos!
    Mucha suerte con todo, si alguna vez necesitan algo relacionado con el español, díganme! Saludos,

    Ayelén (IBL)

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