Hablamos espanol

Henrik is busy geeking out on the new GPS that we bought today…which really, was way much harder than it should be and is actually a story in itself for another day…so I, Karen, thought I would update the blog a bit. We have been incredibly busy since we arrived – eating empanadas, drinking red wine, and discovering the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. We started our spanish classes last week at the IBL school in the center of the city – four hours every day and it has been well worth the expense. I am in Level 2 and Henrik is in Level 1 which means that I’m learning all of the grammar and verb tenses and Henrik is learning all of the words and phrases that we will actually use:

  • Dos cervezas de barril, por favor = two draft beers, please
  • Una botella de vino tinto de la casa = a bottle of the house red wine
  • Yo grito, tu gritas, todos gritamos por ALFAJORES = I scream, you scream, we all scream for alfajores (if you’ve never had an alfajor, you are missing out on one of the best desserts ever!)
  • La casa rodante = traveling house or camper
  • Pesca con moscas = fly fishing
  • Trucha arco iris = rainbow trout
  • Trekking = hiking
  • La grua = the tow truck (hopefully we won’t use this one)
  • ¿El camino es de ripio o asfalto? = Is the road gravel or asphalt?

As I said, the spanish classes have been incredibly helpful. As we were walking around last weekend, we came upon this building:

We were immediately able to translate:

  • Jesúcristo es el señor = Jesus Christ is the man.

No, it doesn’t really mean that – it means Jesus is Lord but we like our translation oh so much better!

Hasta luego, mis amigos!


2 thoughts on “Hablamos espanol

  1. I am sitting in a coffee shop now reading your blog (instead of working – typical!) and you are cracking me up. The above is especially funny. Ya te extraño y tu buen onda. Ciau Ciau…for now.

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