Renting an Apartment in BA

Our good friend Mignon turned us on to, a website for short and long term apartment and house rentals all over the world. While there are numerous other websites that perform the same function, airbnb is quick, easy to use, and integrates actual customer feedback nicely.

From the comfort of our home in Boulder, we had originally booked an apartment listed by Pablo, in the home of Pablo’s dad Pomy,

Pomy was a gracious host, but the apartment is too far away from our Spanish school, and thus we moved today. To be noted is that this apartment was US$ 24/day. Last time we were in BA, Karen and I paid $225+ for a hotel room. Although this price was for a suite, as Katrine was staying with us, the price for just a room would have been $181. Now, tango lessons were included, but as they made Karen cry – long story – I’m not sure that they were a value added feature.

We moved today to a new apartment, The price has gone up to US$ 38/day.

This looks to be pretty good.


4 thoughts on “Renting an Apartment in BA

    • Will take a look at Reading some of the bad stuff about airbnb, I would make two comments: 1) it’s great if you are a rentee, perhaps not so much if you are the renter; 2) valued at a US$ 1B? this is insane! Airbnb collects approximately US$ 3/day for the apartments we have rented. Do the math on how many apartments they need to have, and how many rentals days per apartment to arrive at a $ 1B valuation…

  1. oh there’s a ton of that kind of insanity going on. And I’ll still bet that most renters have positive experiences. We have friends who’ve couchsurfed all over, and it’s only been positive for them, both being a guest and a host.

    Como va sus lecciones?

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