Langosta Enorme..

Almost there: we’re off to Buenos Aires tomorrow.

We’ll be in BA for a little more than two weeks before the truck shows up. During those weeks, Karen and I will be in an intensive Spanish class, which will be helpful as my Spanish is limited to
“Dos cervezas, por favor”, and
“Que es una langosta enorme”.

Langosta enorme’s were the fare at an outstanding dinner at Kirk and Chase’s house. Great food, wine, and most importantly close friends. Karen and I look forward to returning the favor somewhere in South America when Kirk, Chase, and Monty come to visit.

Our kids will be visiting us somewhere along our Adventure. And we hope, and expect, that friends will spend some time with us as well.


7 thoughts on “Langosta Enorme..

  1. Found your blog and am ready to keep track of the two of you. Love the web site. Very thorough. You get to experience another summer while we head in to autumn. Miss you already!

    • Hey Cecilia – I so miss all of you but, so far, we are having a great time. We just arrived in South America and will be here for two weeks in spanish “camp” (language school). Keep posting and tell everyone hola! xoxo Mrs. M.

  2. Henrik and Karen – thanks for having the courage to do what most of us wouldn’t. Life really is too short so here’s wishing you safe travel and we’ll be looking forward to hearing about all of your amazing life changing stories!

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