Getting Close…

We are renting our house for a year and moved out Aug 31st; our flight to Buenos Aires is on Sep 15th. In the interim we are staying with our great friends Joe and Mignon and wrapping up the last things on the to-do list: selling Karen’s car, transferring our mail to a sorting and forwarding service, transferring all utilities, re-doing cell phone contracts, finalizing medical insurance, etc. etc. In parallel, the truck has cleared customs in the US and will be loaded on a roll-on/roll-off carrier for shipment to Buenos Aires.

Tomorrow, Labor Day, Joe and Mignon are arranging a Bon Voyage party at their house – like I said great friends – should be a fun time. 

(Updated the How page with some background info)


2 thoughts on “Getting Close…

  1. Great going away party and happy to see you before you go! Maybe we’ll just jump on a plane and visit you somewhere on the road.

    Have a lot of fun …

    Jim & Susan

  2. Love your posts! Enjoy the road ahead and smile about the road behind. Can’t wait to hear about your future adventures.

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