At the Whistler Public Library

It’s been awhile – sorry. This blog thing is hard to keep up but I know it will be worth it! We just arrived in Whistler, BC (beauitful!) after spending 4 days at Jasper National Park and 4 days on lovely Valentine Lake near 100 Mile House in BC.

We loved Jasper National Park (even more than Banff). We took the Icefields Parkway (the highway that runs from Lake Louise to Jasper) which was spectacular.


Columbia Icefield

We met some great camping neighbors at the Snaring River Camground outside of Jasper. John & Trish from the UK – shared fire, conversation, book titles, and lots of beer and scotch!

New friends John & Trish

 We (OK, Henrik) also made some upgrades to the house – most fun(?) are our new drawer pulls.

Newly shaven Henrik operating heavy machinery while drinking Canadian Whiskey...

We went on some beautiful hikes, spent a day geocaching in Jasper, and did some fly fishing. So…not only is Henrik a good handyman, he is a good provider of fish (although he is too much of a wuss to gut and clean – that was left for me to do. Yummy rainbow trout for dinner on our last evening. 

19.5" Rainbow Trout - tasty!

 Headed off early on August 5 for the Cariboo Highway and relaxing for a few days. Found an absolutely lovely spot on Valentine Lake where we spent 4 days reading, swimming, fishing, and hiking. Perfect. Also met some a very fun couple (on their honeymoon!) – Scott & Shawn Ferguson and their dogs Stetson and Diesel. We had a blast with them!

Our campsite on Valentine Lake (BC Recreation Site)My birthday eve with Henrik and Shawn & Scott Ferguson

So far, an amazing trip filled with new friends, good food and drink, and tons of relaxation.


2 thoughts on “At the Whistler Public Library

  1. What a great experience! Hope you will get to see John and Chris in CA. We just returned from a great trip there with all of our family.
    Love, Peggy and Norb

  2. Karen, Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I so regret we haven’t kept in touch but am thrilled you’re living your dream. Love the blog, though I know what a challenge it must be to keep up. Lots of love, Amber

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