Life on the road after 10 days

I’m still trying to figure out how to use wordpress but hopefully it will soon be a place where you can see some photos and read some words about our travels. We’re currently in Jasper National Park – stunning – but I’m going to try and start at the beginning.

The new Outfitter Camper – custom made in Colorado!

We picked up our new “house” on Friday, July 22 and spent the weekend getting ready for 5 weeks in Western Canada.

We said goodbye to our most excellent friends, Joe & Mignon – who indeed provided us with some tasty treats for the trip!

Joe & Mignon


We departed Boulder on Monday, July 25th and pretty much headed straight up to Banff National Park. It took us 3 days to get there – via Wyoming, Montana, and then to Alberta (we crossed the border at Port of Piegan off Route 89).

Drove through some beautiful and funny towns – my favorite, Niehart, MT:

We smiled ;o)

OK, my internet time is running out (pay for it, everywhere!). Both Henrik and I will post more – we’d like to have pages about what we’re reading, what birds/wildlife we’ve been seeing, etc. Stay tuned!


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