Hello World!

So, it’s really happening! Both Henrik and I have resigned from our pretty amazing jobs and we’re leaving for our 15-month (or so) trip.

Preliminary itinerary is Alberta, British Columbia, and the Pacific Coast Highway from mid-July to mid-September 2011; South America from October 2011– March 2012; Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania from April – September 2012; Southeast Asia from September – December 2012.

If you would like to follow our travels, bookmark  https://lifes2shortnot2.wordpress.com/

And, if you’re on Facebook, “friend” me so I can follow what is happening in your and your family’s lives!

Or, better yet, if you are going to be (or if you want to be!) in any of these places while we’re there, let us know! My email is:

Karen machof@msn.com


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Karen –
    We have only met a couple of times at CA, but my husband, George, my son, Karl, and I are also taking a year off to travel the world. Both George and I taught in the upper school.

    We will be in British Columbia at the same time you are – August. We have made reservations with Tide Rip Tours http://www.tiderip.com/ to see grizzly bears catch salmon on Vancouver Island. It would be great if you could join us. Send me an e-mail.


  2. Dearest Karen…Thank you very much for the telephone call and your blog…keep us informed…
    FYI…”Destination: Germany” published last April, 2nd edition in the works…”Lincoln Laughing” being modified for 4th-7th graders…”2010 and Beyond” being updated and titled “2012 and Beyond”…co-authoring the educational text…due o/a early 2012…other duties: Chairman, Boone Middle School Advisory Council, member Polk County School Advisory Committee, member Polk County School Principal Selection Committee, officer Rotary Club, ohhh…one other thing: Fran and I have formed THE JUMP HOUSE LLC…we’ve leased a 5,000sqft building (brand new) in a local mall, the build out is taking 4-6 weeks, delivery of inflatable jump/bounce play equipment at time of build out, advertising material thru my publisher (free), customers age 2-12, must have an adult in attendance, snack bar, birthday parties…there’s nothing like this in Winter Haven…we’ve already had teachers, grand-parents and parents tell us they’re going to bring their classes, kids and grand-kids…other than all of the above, we’re not doing much…our plans? Build out several within the county (population 700,000) then franchise…well, we all have to have plans. Right?
    Be careful, enjoy, keep us informed, and remember, we love you very much….good ‘ol Dad

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